Adult Sailing 

The Adult Sailing Program is a 2-day course to give you the tools you need to sail our Colgate 26s independently. The course is broken up into land and sea-based sessions. The course is intended for beginner and intermediate sailors. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and confidence required to sail a Colgate independently. To read more about the course content, please click on the PDF below.

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Who: The course is intended for adults with some or no sailing experience. Spaces are limited to 6 people per course.

What: The course includes 5 hours of small group instruction on water and land.

When: Courses are scheduled depending on the participant’s availability. 

Cost: The course is $200 per member and $300 for non-members (you will not be required to pay the $30 checkout fee after course completion)

I am not at the necessary standard / don’t have the necessary confidence after the course. What now?

Everybody learns to sail at different rates. If you feel that your ability isn’t 100%, you can: re-sit a day of the course the following week, organize a sail with other members from your course, or book a private lesson.

I have never sailed before

This is a common concern but is certainly not an issue. This course is designed for new sailors or those with some experience in their past. Due to the low teaching ratios, you will receive sufficient attention to alleviate any fears.


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