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2021/22 Fundraising Campaign Reminder:

2021/22 Fundraising Campaign:

Final Opportunity - BIC Member Survey:

BIC Member Survey: Fall 2021:

October Update:

After School Sailing Announcement:

BIC Weekly Update 08/30/2021:

BIC Weekly Update 08/20/2021:

Kids Olympics Reminder:

BIC Weekly Update 08/13/2021:

New Donor Matched Donation Appeal:

August Party Reminder:

BIC Weekly Update 08/06/2021:

Clanathon Reminder 08/06:

Rainy Day Activities Thursday 8/5/2021:

Jaws on the Water 08/03/2021:

BIC Weekly Update 07/30/2021:

BIC Weekly Update: 07/23/2021:

Tennis Fundraiser | Parent/Child Sailing | Lobster Baker:

BIC Weekly Update: 07/16/2021:

Summer Party RSVP:

BIC Weekly Update: 07/09/2021:

Rainy Day Activities Friday 7/9/2021 :

Songwriter Night Reminder:

BIC Weekly Update 7/2/2021:

Kids Class: Friday July 2nd:

BIC Weekly Update 06/25/21:

Opening Party Reminder:

BIC Weekly Update 06/18/21:

Rosé 105 Reminder:

Weekly Update 06/11:

Last Chance for Merch Orders:

2021 Merchandise Now Available:

May Update: Renovations + Kids Classes:

Spring Updates & Amazon Smile Donations:

Intern Applications:

The BIC Needs a New Truck:

2021 Registration:



2020 Registration:

2020 Summer Update:

Summer 2020 June Update:

New BIC Merch:

Merch Update & Tennis Clinics:

Weekly Update (June 1):

Weekly Update (June 2 ):

Updated Pickleball Schedule:

BIC 4th of July Parade:

Weekly Update (July 1):

Kiley Cup & Merch Update:

Weekly Update (July 2):

Parent/Child Pickleball Tournament:

Kiley Cup Today & Merch:

Weekly Update (July 3):

Parent Child Sailing Reminder:

Weekly Update (July 4):

Medical Center Fundraiser and BIC Beach Clean:

Weekly Update (July 5):

BIC Class Suspension:

Class Resumption Update:

BIC Reopening Plan:

Weekly Update (August 1):

Kids Classes Suspended:

Weekly Update (August 2):

Weekly Update (August 3):

September Update:

BIC Fundraising Campaign:

New Year Fundraising Email:


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