The following membership categories, rules and pricing apply when joining the Block Island Club. There are 4 categories of membership: Family, Individual/Couple, Year-Round Resident and Under 30s. In addition, there are specific rules that govern guests and grandchildren of members.

Block Island Year-Round Resident Membership

This membership applies to families (parents and children under the age of 22) and Adult Individuals/Couples who reside on Block Island year round.  The membership rate is $300.  Year round residency requires the following:

School aged children enrolled at the Block Island School (or approved home-school/distance learning)
Adult members have a Block Island address on their RI Driver’s License
Live on Block Island for a minimum of eleven months per year (i.e. typical vacations, but not long-term absence for the winter)Full Summer: $300

Family Membership

A family consisting of parents and all children age 22 or younger in that household.
1 Week: $460
2 Week: $775
4 Week: $1000
Full Summer: $1200

Adult Individual/Couple Membership

Individuals and couples over 22 who do not have children that are using the club.
1 Week: $325
2 Week: $450
4 Week: $610
Full Summer: $750

Under 30s Membership

For individuals and couples under the age of 30. All benefits of a Full Summer Individual/Couple Membership are conferred. (Please note: As with the standard Individual/Couple membership, the U30s membership cannot be used in conjunction with kids’ summer classes) 
Full Summer: $325

Grandparents who have purchased an Adult Individual/Couple membership may bring their grandchildren (18 years or younger) to the Club and have them take lessons for five (5) days. 

Grandparents whose grandchildren will use the club over five (5) days (and whose adult children have not purchased a Family Membership) must purchase a Family Membership for themselves and their grandchildren. 

Summer-long and Island-Resident members may purchase individual lessons through their account with the club. For all other memberships, lessons may only be purchased weekly. Click here for more information.

Children may only participate in lessons and Club activities once their guardians have signed the applicable waivers. These forms must be signed by the child’s legal parent or guardian and are available here.

Weekly membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Summer membership fees are non-refundable after June 15 of the summer for which the membership has been purchased. Refunds of summer membership sought before June 15 shall be provided consistent with the policies of the Board of Directors for the Club.


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